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I have received lot of letters from readers about Internet Explorer version 7 about which we have written last week, the readers have expressed their hesitations and doubts about Internet Explorer 7, in which I have selected a good number of questions and have given the answers for them below.

1.Is the Internet Explorer Updates automatically? i.e. if we are online does Internet Explorer lower version downloads files automatically so that it updates to version 7, this has been asked by lot of people, They are a little afraid about it

Internet Explorer version 7.0 is not provided with automatic updated service, it seems it will be provided only from the month of November, but Microsoft feels that version 6 is not safe and it should be replaced by version 7, but without the permission of the end user the new version’s files will not get installed. A window consisting of End User rights will be provided for user in which a Don’t Install button is provided if the user feels updating is not required he could press this button to cancel the installation. If a user feels He doesn’t needs automatic update he could use popup blocker in the address

2.If the demo version of the newer version is already installed in your computer, it automatically gets updated.

3.If Windows XP and ServiceBag2 are installed in your computer automatically Internet Explorer 7 gets installed.

4.The Bookmark, History and Favorites of the Internet Explorer 6 does not gets deleted and automatically gets transformed to the newer version.

5.Internet Explorer 7 along with Windows Vista will definitely have additional features.

6.I.E.Ver7 is available through Microsoft Download center website and automatic updating tool.
7. I.E. version & will not work in Windows 98 & 2000 versions it will work only with Windows XP and future Windows operating systems

8.We can install I.E. 7 and I.E.6 can be installed separately and can be used simultaneously.

9.There is no answer from Microsoft for the questions such as Will XP Service Bag 3 will arrive are not with I.E 7 available in it?

10.Is power toys available with I.E. 7? Has been a frequent question; my answer is We have better tools than that with additional features which can be downloaded from

11.An Engineering student as enquired Whether I.E 7 developed using c++ or C#? We come to know that it had been developed using C++ only.

12.An I.E in connection with Windows Vista will definitely be provided.

Additional information:

1. IE edition 7 gives a different look. Usually the menus and files are hidden we can use when we want. Because of that we had large space for viewing the page

2. A menu for common uses that has controls that is flexible is attached while viewing websites.

3. It has browsing through tape methodology, so we can view number of websites in a single browser window. This makes browsing easier

4. Websites with similar information can be listed in a same tape using tape groups technology. So in a single click we can browse several sites containing relevant in formations, preventing delay in browsing you doesn’t have to keep clicking address.

5. If you want to search while you are browsing, you can do this with instant search mechanism. So that you can find your favorite search engines and fin what u need while you browsing.

6. Printing mechanism is improved, using this you can compress and print all the information in the website. In many pages print preview mechanism is provided, selected text can also be printed.

7. You can compress and keep favorite sites, tape groups, browsing history and R.S.S using favorites center mechanism provided.

8. Using page zoom feature a certain web page can be zoomed and viewed. This would be very handy for people with eye defects.

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