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While surfing Internet many unwanted popup windows will automatically open. Though a few popup windows may display useful information, majority of them are irritating. There are many software available to block these popup windows. We will see some free popup blockers here
  1. Popup Exterminator

    When an unwanted popup window appears it is very irritating. Even worse is when you try to close these popup windows even more pop up windows will popup. If you have the popup exterminator software in your computer, you don't have to close these popups the software itself will close them.

    Sometimes you may want to keep a popup window open. In that case you will have to press the control key when this popup window opens.

    JMS solutions' popup exterminator has the following features:

    * You can set rules based on your preferences

    * A key is given to allow the history window

    * Audio / video warning is given

    * you can also get statistics

    You can download Popup exterminator from
  2. Popup Stopper

    If you are using Netscape navigator, Internet explorer or Mozilla browser then you can use the Popup Stopper software provided by Panicware Inc. The speed of the browser will not be affected by the popup stopper. You can download popup stopper from
  3. Popup blocker-Spam Filter.

    Not only popup windows even viruses, Trojen horses, Spyware, Adware, monitoring cookies and SPAM are all irritating problems for Internet users. To prevent, detect and protect against all these you can use 'Ad Nuker popup blocker & spam filter'. You can download Ad Nuker software from
  4. POW

    When POW software is running any popup window that opens will be automatically closed by POW. You can configure POW based on your preferences. POW can be downloaded from
  5. Smart Stopper

    This intelligent Smart Stopper decides on which popup window has to be closed and which popup window has to be allowed. Smart stopper also prevents spyware and adware.
  6. Popup Vanish

    Popup Vanish also is a free popup blocker and can be downloaded from
  7. No Ads

    If you use 'No Ads' you will have to configure which websites can allow popup windows and which websites popup windows should be blocked. You can download NO ADS from

In addition to the popup blocker software listed above, there are other popup blockers available such as Sip, Web Washer, Free surfer, KillAdd, Internet security tweak etc. All these are also free software.

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