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Internet is full of free and quality information. But the main problem that internet users face is in finding the right and relevant information. The search engines are meant for just that. To find the information we want based on our search terms. You can goto www.goole.com or www.yahoo.com and key in your key words to search.

Why to enter into a search engine website? What if you can bring the search engine into your browser and keep it there permanently and you can use it whenever you want. In order to bring the search engine as part of the browsers, many search engines provide toolbars. You can download any of these toolbars and install it in your browser.

If you are viewing any webpages in your browser and you want to search for some information, then you can just type your search term in the toolbar in your browser and directly start the search.

Toolbars are available almost for all browsers. Here will see some of the toolbars available for Internet Explorer.
  • Google Toolbar

    When you talk about search engines, the first thing that comes to your mind is www.google.com . You can download the google toolbar from http://toolbar.google.com

    In Google toolbar, you can type the search term or keyword and click on 'Search web' button or just press 'Enter' to star the search. The results page will be shown in a new window. Therefore it will not affect the page that you are currently viewing.
  • Yahoo Toolbar

    Next to Google, everyone prefers Yahoo. You can download yahoo toolbar from http://companion.yahoo.com .

    In this yahoo toolbar you can type the keyword and click the 'search' button to star the search. You can also select search in 'Theasarus, Stock, Address Book, Yellow Pages, Shopping, Pictures etc and limit your search to these sections.

    You can also view your yahoo mails directly in your yahoo toolbar
  • Ask Jeeves Toolbar

    Ask Jeeves website is suitable for searching for information based on simple and easy questions.

    Even children can use the 'Ask Jeeves' site to search. You can download the Ask Jeeves toolbar from www.ask.com

    The Ask Jeeves toolbar can also be used to find the meanings of words or phrases. If your search term appears in the web pages that you are viewing those words will be highlighted.
  • Alexa Toolbar

    You can download Alexa toolbar from www.alexa.com

    The specially of the alexa toolbar is the traffic ranking. When you visit any website, the alexa toolbar will display the traffic rank of that website.

    The Alexa toolbar will also display the links to websites related to the website you are currently viewing.

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