Tutorial to Hide visited websites from others

Tutorial to Hide visited websites from others

We search for lots of information on the internet. But it is not necessary that others know about this. Whenever you visit any website this information is captured and stored in your computer in the form of 'cache', 'cookie', 'history', and 'windows registry'. There is a danger due to this. Whoever uses the same computer after you have used can find out which websites you have been visiting. If you have a personal computer that no one else will ever use, then you don't have to worry much about this. But if your home or office computer is shared then you better clear this history. In this tutorial let us see how to completely remove the recently visited websites from your computer.

  1. Cache Folder

    Every time you visit a website, every browser has the functionality to store the images, websites, urls etc in your hard disk somewhere in the temporary folders. This is useful to save bandwidth. When you visit the same website again, instead of downloading all the images again, the browser will retrieve them from the temporary folders from your hard disks and therefore increasing the speed and saving internet bandwidth. So when you finish browsing you can clear these temporary folders. This temporary folder is usually referred to as Cache. The exact location of this folder will differ based on the browser you are using. For instance if you use Internet explorer then this cache is located in the 'Temporary Internet Files' folder under your c:\Windows folder.
    You can either delete from this folder or you can delete it from your browser. Goto Tools-> Internet Options. Under the General tab click 'Delete Files' button.

  2. History

    All the browsers also store the urls of every website you visit. This is used to show the address of the site on the 'Address Bar' when you start typing the first few letters of the websited address, the browser will take from the history and prompt you for the full address. This makes your job easier so that you need not type the full address every time. But if you want to hide the sites you visit then you have to remove this history also. Internet explorer stores this history in a folder called 'History' under c:\Windows folder.

    Or you can delete history from your browser. Goto Tools-> Internet OPtions. Select the 'General' tab and click on 'Clear History' button. In the confirmation dialog box select 'OK'. This will clear your history.

  3. Cookies

    Whenever you visit websites, some information about you and some information about that website is stored in your computer's hard disk. When you visit the same site again, the information stored in this cookie file will be read to identify you. This is especially useful for sites that can personlize the site for you and displays messages such as 'welcome your_name' etc. But this cookie also stores the name of the site you visit so you should also delete these cookies if you want to hide the sites you visited.

    To delete cookies, goto Tools->Internet Options. And click on 'Delete Cookies' button. Or you can choose the security tab and click on 'Custom Level' button to disable or enable cookies.

  4. Registry

    Another place in which the websites you visited are stored is the windows registry. It is not advisible to modify registries if you are not sure how to use them. Only those who are confident and willing to take risk should touch the registry. Click on 'Start->Run' and type 'regedit' and press enter. The windows registry will open. Now click on 'Edit->find' and type 'URL History'. In the right hand side you can see a list of website addresses that you visited. You can select them one by one and delete them. programs, viruses and hackers.

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