Growth of Internet in past 15 years

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Internet take a virtual role in 20th century, to change the world and the peoples thought, Tim Berners Lee introduce the Internet as a name of World Wide Web on Aug 6th of 1991. Internet changes the world as small and make connected as a net under the web. By using this facilities we can transfer our information very fastly and quickly. Between 1993 to 1999 the changes over Internet is an wonder. Now days there are 9 cores and we use 25 lakes of websites. Around the world 70% of peoples are connected under it. In the end of 2020 95% of peoples get connected under it. On the past June India get first place for using Internet. Now a days the usage of wed grows in tremendous.

At first, an Indian mr.shabir batia only introduce the e-mail facility over hotmail. In the year 1995 there are few no of peoples only using hotmail, after that it will be get increased in to 3crores from the 3 months of batia’s introduces. Due do this huge growth of users Microsoft decided to bought it by it’s own. So they buy hotmail for a huge amount. At now hotmail contains 22 cores of members on it. All the peoples hope’s that via net we can get all kind of information’s in finger tip. All of us should know about the site named google. At the early stage it would be started as a site for searching, but now it became as a big organization for business and advertisement. Its research center would be running in India. Now a day more no of searching sites are got in to net. And also they achieve their goals.

Yahoo is the site, which is started for mailing purpose. But now it becomes an intermediate among the people who need to communicate via both voice and non-voice towards web. Another important thing is web camera. Web camera is very useful for visualized communication around world wild. By using this we can make communication by seeing the face of browser’s.
Internet is acting as a connecting point of peoples in marriage. Lot of marriage’s are fixed threw bharath matrimonial site. Even though it would act as a place for finding jobs, medical, searching, educational and all kind of needs. Internet doesn’t depend any phone connection. Via wireless Internet become possible towards from airport to coffee shop. Now we can take Internet without any connections by using laptop. Now a days Internet act as bridge among peoples to connect themselves. Internet expecting it as a base for peaceful world. When it happen then it would became golden day of world.

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